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Combat Injured in OIF/OEF? READ MORE!!


First let me say to all veterans who read this, Thank You for Your Service! It is because of you that we are free today. Because of your sacrifice Lone Star Warriors Outdoors, a Texas non-profit organization (LSWO) is offering Hunts and Fishing trips throughout the year to Combat Injured Veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq (OEF and OIF). We strive to provide an atmosphere where you can talk to others that have been in your same position and bond with others that are your military family. As warriors that have seen the horrors of war, many of us do not have people to talk to that understand what we went through, so we hope to provide that on these hunts. Many of you were avid hunters prior to the military; some of you might have hunted a little and yet others may never have hunted. These opportunities are for you all. Most tell us that when they leave after the hunt, they feel like family with the others there, one of the things they miss from the military. 

If you have never been a part of a program like this, you are missing something! This is a time where you not only get to hunt or fish, but you get to spend time with others who support everything you do and consider you modern day heroes. It is also a time when you can talk to others who have been through the same things that you have and simply a time to relax. 

To be selected for one of our hunts or fishing trips we need you to Download the APPLICATION to the right. This application is important for several reasons. Some of the ranches want to know who is coming and would like a bio from you so they know a little about you when you get there. We also want to keep a bio from you as we may use it on the web page. The application allows us to know more about you, medical needs, limitations and hunting experience. FOR THOSE WHO ARE STILL ACTIVE, you MUST have a doctor's signature on the application stating that you are cleared to hunt. Without this signature, we cannot accept your application. 

Once again, thank you for your service to this great nation and for your sacrifices. We hope that you will take the time required to fill out this application. It is the only thing standing in your way to have a good time.


Why Do We Only Offer These Trips to OIF and OEF Veterans?

I have been asked several times about this and several people have gotten really upset about it. There are several categories of veterans, those that served in Peace Time, Other Wars and those who were not injured. The reason for selecting only Combat Injured Warriors from Afghanistan and Iraq is twofold. The first is finance. We operate on donations and have to limit our focus to ensure that we can accomplish the mission with the funds that we have. Second, I am one of these guys as I served in Afghanistan and I can identify with them. We focus on finding new friends and allowing that bond to be built up so they may pick up the phone and call when things get rough. If I were to take an individual that lost a leg due to a car wreck along with guys that lost legs in battle, the bond would not be there, so we decided to focus on Combat Injured Veterans. 

With that said, I think all deserve this time, just not together. The Vietnam War was totally different than the current wars, thus needs to be a hunt on its own. Eventually as funds get better I would like to offer hunts for Vietnam vets, but right now we do not have those funds. Give it time. I hope this gives some insight as to why we do what we are doing. Iraq and Afghanistan are two different wars, but at the same time they are the same. Terrain, tactics etc. are so similar and most of these guys have fought in both and it makes sense to include both. 

Thank you, "Chris Gill" Founder/President LSWO

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The requirements to be considered for the organization is that you must be injured in combat in Afghanistan or Iraq. A Purple Heart is not required, but you MUST have VA documentation or Military documentation if still in the military of a combat injury.  If you meet the criteria of being a Combat Injured Veteran that served in Iraq or Afghanistan, please click the button below to download the application. Please be open and honest on this application as we will check to make sure the information is accurate. The application will include a list of things that need to be filled out. All information must be filled out and mailed, or emailed. If emailing, please include everything in one email or your application will not be accepted.   

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About Us

Our Team



The staff and volunteers at Lone Star Warriors Outdoors (LSWO) are here to help. Chris Gill is the founder and President of the non profit organization a 501c3 . Along with a 3 man (All Combat Veteran board) we have many others that help in various ways at the ranches golf tournaments and fund raisers. Not one person in this organization gets paid, we are proud to say that we are a 100% all volunteer army with a mission to help our Nation’s finest through their dark times and to help with the transition to civilian life. 

Our History



LSWO was started in 2011 in Tyler Texas. After dealing with issues of wanting to die I found that I could help others that are in the same place by taking them hunting, fishing, golfing, mud riding and more. We spend a minimum of 3 days and 2 nights together allowing that time to bond as brother in arms, trying to build what we once had in the military. Over the years LSWO has branched out to Golfing, Fishing, Mud Riding (Muddinforthemilitary.com) and this year will be doing crappie fishing. This is a goal that I had (Chris Gill) but can only be carried out with the help of the many volunteers that we have and your financial donations.

Our Mission

Chris and Melissa Gill.  Founder

The mission of the Lone Star Warriors Outdoors is to help with PTSD Recovery and combat veteran suicide with our Nation's combat Wounded and Injured Warriors who have sacrificed mind and body in the fight on terrorism by providing a fun and relaxing atmosphere while introducing or reconnecting and teaching the American tradition of hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. Second to provide a time of mental healing or therapy by allowing Wounded Warriors to meet others that have been in the same situation, allowing each to talk about issues that only they understand.


Help Our Cause

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Your support and contributions will enable us to continue to help these warriors that have sacrificed mind and body to heal.  By giving them an all expense paid trip you allow them to bond like they once did with brothers and sisters in arms.  Any amount will help to continue our mission. 99% of what is donated goes right back into helping our warriors.  Thank you in advance. 

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